Who We Are


We are happy to announce that the City of Excelsior Springs has decided to retain the Superior Well Office building and will be restoring it to its original form. Work should begin sometime this spring and will include a new retaining wall behind the Superior Well and steps that connect to the parkway.

The funds that have been collected were release for new projects to support the Excelsior Springs Museum and Archives and also the Friends of the Wells, who will start immediately on their next project — restoring the Park Pagoda. The funds will be used in that project to purchase materials. Jim Bowman has volunteered to be the project manager, David Adams of Owen Lumber Company donated design work and one of our local Boy Scout Troops will be assisting. For more about Friends of the Wells and this project, visit their website.

For more about the Excelsior Springs Museum and Archives, visit their website.

We are a diverse group of citizens in support of saving the only remaining ticket office from Excelsior Springs, Missouri’s water history. Out of almost 50 well and spring sites that once stood within our downtown, this is the only original structure that remains, hidden inside of a house that was built around it. Other communities in the metro area would love to have our heritage, so we must preserve what is left!

The area of town where the Superior office is located is adjacent to the Fishing River Linear Park, a historic park area along the banks of the Fishing River. The area was once the focus of landscape architect George E. Kessler, who helped develop the park area.

The project of the Superior Well Office will be done with NO ADDITIONAL TAX DOLLARS! Through our partnership with the City and the Excelsior Springs Museum & Archives, the Steering Committee will complete the project solely with donations, volunteer time and donated materials.


Thank you for your support!

The Superior Office Steering Committee